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Film • Photography • Design • Story



Stan Yan is a product of the San Gabriel Valley and East LA. He earned a double major in Film Studies and Studio Art at the University of California – Berkeley. Immediately afterwards, Stan spent 3 years abroad in Busan, South Korea where he earned a Masters in Digital Design at Kyungsung University, taught in a yearlong assignment as a professor of Media Studies, and participated in the Asian Film Academy. He has won numerous grants, scholarships, and awards for his creative endeavors. Stan currently dabbles in the freelance world with roles as an editor, designer, photographer, motion artist, producer, & writer. His last claim to fame was working on film ads, websites, and apps for the biggest studios & companies including Disney, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Fox, Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate, SONY, HBO, AMC, ABC, NBC, A&E, Netflix, Cinemax, and Mattel.


With whatever free time he has left, Stan obsesses about film, photography, music, art, pop culture, history, sports, architecture, food, travel, all while indulging in the joys and rewards of fatherhood.

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