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New Year, New Work, High Hopes

So with the start of 2017, I am trying to work on good habits (one of them is writing more). If you don't write your goals down or say them out loud you will soon forget:

•spend 2-10 mins per day tidying the house/garage

•write one page per day

•spend half an hour on business (reading, researching, fixing website, networking) per day

•workout 2-3 times a week

•spend an hour on creativity (art, photography, learning new skills) per day

•watch one classic film per week (Criterion Collection) or the backlog of stuff I've accumulated (Netflix Queue or films sitting around the house)

•finish one book per week.

On the first official working day of 2017, things are moving really well. I had one friend reach out to me for work on a small project, and a potential client email about new work. My Tues/Thursdays will be more interesting as Jamie will spend his late afternoons at home after his Chinese class-- we'll see how well that goes.

I just heard from a client of mine that the photography I did for her daughter's birthday party is featured in a popular blog. She has 200k followers on Instagram-- I could take about a thousand of her followers and she might not even notice. But even a handful of her followers looking at my work is pretty cool, and hopefully that means a little more work coming my way.

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